Looks like May might be “Ontario Student Housing Month”

Student HousingThis May in Ontario is quickly turning into Student Housing month for the post-secondary education community. Student housing – along with its correlation to student success, student development, and community development – is a topic of great interest to many within post-secondary communities.

A students’ quality of life and community experience will impact their experience while attend any higher education institute. Their living environment, the support they receive, and the amenities available to students outside the classroom all impact their ability to succeed academically.

Here is some of the professional development sessions this May, 2013 that are related to student housing:

  • Student Housing Symposium, hosted by Rock Advisors, on Tuesday May 7th at the Pearson Convention Center in Toronto. Student housing is a growing market with remarkable opportunities within Canada. This market has experienced tremendous growth in the United States and Canada is starting to adopt a similar approach. This day-long session is perfect for the development community, property managers, city and municipal officials, along with university and college professionals responsible for student accommodations.
  • Bridging our Future: the Town and Gown Association of Ontario (TGAO) 2013 Symposium, from May 12-14 in Windsor, Ontario. TGAO brings together universities/colleges with the communities in which they are located for annual symposia throughout Ontario. Discussion topics include downtown campus redevelopment, the City of Waterloo Northdale Residential District, Student Housing Best Practices, Enforcement Toolboxes, along with student safety and social programming.
  • 1000 Possibilities: the Ontario Association of College & University Housing Officers (OACUHO) spring conference. The conference theme, “1000 Possibilities,” is a guiding statement to get you thinking about the journey professionals have taken to get to where they are today in the housing world, and the journey they will take with us just over two months from now. That end goal is to run a successful housing operation, but there are many ways to get there. As housing professionals step into uncharted territory, they must work in collaboration to blaze new trails.

The last professional development opportunity is neither in May nor Ontario. This conference, hosted by the International Town-Gown Association, is occurring from June 2nd through 5th in Buffalo, NY – close enough to Ontario and May.

  • The 2013 University-City Relations Conference: Fostering Realistic Expectations – co-hosted by the University at Buffalo and Buffalo, New York, will be an interactive and solution-oriented conference. The conference theme stems from expectations that universities, municipalities and residents have for each other and the belief that by opening up lines of communication and by sharing helpful information relating to finances, statues and a deeper understanding of the missions of the stakeholders, the fostering of realistic expectations can occur.

With three primary conference tracks (create, collaborate, and communicate), the conference focused around issues critical to fostering reasonable expectations. Sessions will highlight the interplay between these three areas and the power and promise of collaboration within vibrant town-gown communities.

I’m lucky enough to be attending many of these sessions this May. Hopefully, I’ll have an opportunity to connect with other student housing, off-campus living, and community professionals. Find me on Twitter (@wryanking) and we’ll be sure to connect!


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