Inbound to Student Success

As a university student in the late 90’s and early 2000’s web-technologies were just beginning to enter a student’s life. During my early years, class registration was done on paper and a home mailing address was more important than an email address. Today, as I work  at a higher education institute,  I’m  provided with opportunities to explore student success and student engagement as it relates to communication.

College and University marketing also relied on traditional marketing approaches to engage the student audience. Old school marketing techniques like brochures, bulletin boards, and print advertisements were used to engage students in college life helping to lead towards student success.

Today, we still use traditional marketing tools. Unfortunately for communicators, students have become conditioned to ignore these traditional outbound marketing tools. Rather than improving our communication tools, we’ve digitized our traditional marketing; hence bombarding students with email messages throughout a term.

Communication is an essential component to student success. With an incredible about of noise in marketing, more university departments and faculties need to create effective inbound marketing programs to engage with a student audience.

By taking advantage of the way students want to communicate and discover aspects that lead to their growth, inbound marketing will help encourage student success. As universities – and departments within higher education institutes – utilize inbound marketing tools, they can help to lead towards student success.

This is a challenge I’m setting for myself and every other MarCom professional within Higher Education: incorporate inbound marketing into your mix.


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