Kik donates, follow the buzz

Today, there was an announcement where Kik founder, Ted Livingston, will donate $1 million to to help fund VeloCity, the unique residence-based program for student entrepreneurs.

Amazing news for the university and even more amazing news for VeloCity. The people and students involved with VeloCity put in countless hours and work hard on innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The day before this announcement, I posted about how organized buzz clubs can harness the power of social media. Here’s how this release socially spread as a track of links courtesy of Tweetr Reach (at 1pm on March 29th – if you click “Reached” you should receive updated stats):

–          Official announcement by uWaterloo – Reached 5,541 via 16 tweets

–          VeloCity blog post – Reached 23,927 via 58 tweets

–          Tech Crunch post (minutes before official announcement on Waterloo’s site) – Reached 74,590 via 547 tweets

The importance of buzz clubs is this; be first to the party and add some personality to your post. An important note is that the facts from the donation came from the official press release from the university.

An official release is not necessarily the place for personal commentary, which is why VeloCity hosting a blog was successful. If part of your social media strategy is to engage and interact with customers, make sure you add personality and perspective – both offered through VeloCity and Tech Crunch.

In this instance, the best place for interaction – from the university’s perspective – would be the VeloCity website. It was early to the game, which shows they were ready for news spreading to a wide audience.

Imagine these two things: if the media release was a social media release and if the buzz (or social sharing) was coordinated. If this structure was used, then different users on the relevant platforms (Facebook, blogs, YouTube, and Twitter) could share rich multimedia content. The amazing thing; all that rich content is pulled from the official release site.


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