Not MarCom Process, But Process MarCom

Marketing and communications is intertwined with each other and remains two different tactics with a common goal of consistency. Both processes are often melded together into integrated marketing communications, or MarCom.

The tactics of sending and receiving a message is highly individualistic. I’m sure many people remember sender, channel, and receiver …and if we’re lucky feedback. The process remains constant; however the tactics and channels change.

But, is it time we stop looking at marcom as a process and start looking at the outcome we desire? If our desired outcome is a knowledgeable and engaged community, we should look at the process of creating engaged community members.

The same concept is true if you examine the process of purchasing a product, choosing a post-secondary school, or donating to charitable organizations. As a marketing or communication professional, determine what the process is, where the touch-points are, and build a relationship during the process.

The same concept can be applied to internal communications and public relations. For internal communicators, your customers are staff members and PR professional might consider one customer group journalists.

Process MarCom is built upon:

  1. A deep knowledge of your customer.
  2. An understanding of the process you’re trying to accomplish.
  3. Building relationships during touch-points throughout the process.

The concept is simple. The explanation can be confusing. The results are astonishing.

Next time you’re asked to implement any marcom program/tactic – magazine, poster campaign, promoting a sale, staff newsletter – think of the process it takes to reach your desired outcome. You’ll realize each tactic is an important cog in the wheel and you need to understand your customer’s perspective to be successful.


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