Nike Tiger Woods Commercial

Do people honestly think that this was just an effort by Nike? Do you think there was no input from Tiger and those responsible for his image? The line between public relations and advertising blurred. And, it’s become more blurred every day with the emergence of social media tools. This is nothing more than an attempt to continue rebuilding Tiger’s image. He has always been someone who was very connected to his family, especially his father.

Yes, Tiger made mistakes – repeatedly – he must only ask for forgiveness from his wife. Everyone in the public can only draw his or her own conclusions and perceptions. What he’s trying to portray is his shame. He knows he did something that is disrespectful, degrading, and dishonest.

Nike is the medium, which is carrying the message: “time for Tiger to move forward and learn from his mistakes in his life.” I for one, think it’s the right way to approach rebuilding his brand. For many years, Tiger has been almost superhuman – what’s more humanizing than a lecture from your father.


One thought on “Nike Tiger Woods Commercial

  1. Agreed! If you were a Tiger sponsor, the easiest thing to do was to drop him immediately. Nike took the tougher road, and payback begins…this is a great buzz-generating spot.

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